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    Serious Portal Caching issue.

    Brian McGovern Newbie

      <p>I have a problem that is causing multiple form submissions in a my portlet.  <br/> <br/>When you first load my portlet page you are displayed a form that you must fill out and submit.  When you click the submit button, it obviously submits the form.   But the next time you load that portal page, it submits the form again, instead of drawing it in its initial state with the empty form.  I'm relatively certain its a cache problem but according to this post, theres no clean way to do this.  <br/>[<portlet:actionURL></portlet:actionURL> | <portlet:actionURL></portlet:actionURL>] <br/> <br/>Does anyone have a creative solution for me.  This is gonna be a showstopper for my using JBoss portal. </p>