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    jboss AS - Portal - EBJ3 - Seam installation issues

    bun zee Newbie

      I want to develop and enterprise system where it uses JBoss AS, portal, ebj3, and seam altogether.

      Here's the problem:
      JBoss AS Jems installer is required to use with ejb3 and seam ( from http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossas/download/index.html)

      The reference guide in the \jboss-portal-2.6.0-DR1\docs said "DO NOT ATTEMPT to deploy JBoss Portal on the installer version of JBoss AS! We are currently working on aligning the Application installer with JBoss Portal".

      1. So at this point I must choose between ebj3/seam vs portal ???
      2. When is the portal installation going to be fixed so that it works with the jems installer?
      3. Does JBoss plan to have ebj3/seam work with jboss AS binary installation instead of with the jems installer only?

      thank you,


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          Marcel Odendahl Newbie

          Hi Peter,

          here is my working environment.
          First download the latest jems-installer 1.2.0CR1.
          Install the AS with the ejb3 profile, then deploy the portal.
          If you need seam then you will have to download the latest
          package.(1.1.0CR2) The examples without ajax will work out of the
          box. If you want to use ajax you will have to download the latest
          ajax4jsf library and replace the jars. After that the ajax examples
          run, too.
          But I don't know if you can develop a working portlet using seam within
          the portal 2.6 at the moment.

          Best regards