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    Gurdipe Dosanjh Newbie

      Hi All,

      I?m new to jportal and wanted to know how to do the following

      Content Management - CMS
      User Management
      Ad Management
      Surveys / Polls
      Discussion Forums
      Calendar / Event Schedule
      Newsletter Management
      Messaging and Chat
      Sections / Content Types
      Article / News Management
      Links / Directory
      Download / Document Manager
      Classified Ads / Jobs
      Image / Photo Gallery
      Knowledgebase / FAQ
      Contacts / Staff Directory
      Business Directory / Listings
      Projects / Task Manager
      Custom Sections

      Also I?m having difficulty downloading jforum and jwiki. The download links don?t seem to work.

      Kind Regards


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          Jimisola Laursen Newbie

          Hi Gurdipe,

          I seem to be in the same situation now that you were two months ago. I'm very curious on what your experience is with JBoss Portal. Did you decide to go with it? Any problems?

          My list of features is not as long as yours, but it would be interesting to here you experience with

          1. news: ability to post news to the site (e.g. last five are shown on the right hand side)
          2. picture gallery (with basic functionality such as category/labels, ACL etc)
          3. address book / contact list (for former student)
          4. forum / message board (nice to have: ACL)
          5. file sharing/storing using web, WebDAV etc (for meeting protocols etc, ACL)

          Kind regards,