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    Struts Portlet

    anu123suya Newbie

      I am using struts-demo-for-jboss-portal to build and develop a sample of struts portlet, it gives no warning or error but I am not able to see the new struts page?

      Could any body help on this. I am using jboss-portal-2.4.0 bundle

      Thanks in advance

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          Richard Abbuhl Newbie

          Here are the steps to get struts-demo-for-jboss-portal to work on JBoss Portal 2.4.0:

          1. Verify that jboss-portal-2.4.0 is installed and working correctly.
          2. Download http://docs.jboss.org/jbportal/samples/struts-demo-for-jboss-portal.zip.
          3. Unzip struts-demo-for-jboss-portal.zip.
          4. Create a directory called struts-demo and unzip struts-demo.war into this directory.
          5. Cd to struts-demo\WEB-INF\lib.
          6. Delete portals-bridges-struts-0.2.jar from struts-demo\WEB-INF\lib.
          7. Download portals-bridges-src-1.0.zip from http://portals.apache.org/bridges/download.html.
          8. Unzip portals-bridges-src-1.0.zip.
          9. Copy portals-bridges-struts-1.2.4-1.0.jar to struts-demo\WEB-INF\lib.
          10. Zip the struts-demo directory to struts-demo.war.
          11. Deploy struts-demo.war to jboss-portal-2.4.0\server\default\deploy.
          12. Start up JBoss Portal by running jboss-portal-2.4.0\bin\run.bat.
          13. Point your web browser to http://localhost:8080/portal.
          14. Login as admin/admin.
          15. Click on the admin tab.
          16. In the Management Portlet window click on Portlets.
          17. Find the Struts Portlet Demo and click on local./struts-demo.StrutsPortletDemo.
          18. On the right side of the window type "Struts Portlet" and click the Create instance button.
          19. In the Management Portlet window click on Portal. Expand root, then default.
          20. Click on default. In New Page Name type "struts" and then click on Add Page.
          21. Click on Struts. Find Struts Portlet in the drop-down list. To the left type in "Struts Demo".
          22. Click on the Add left button.
          23. Click on the Struts tab to see the Struts MailReader Demo.

          Since the struts bridge is included in the JBoss Portal can someone at JBoss can update the portals-bridges-struts
          jar in struts-demo.war and update the documentation so that it describes how to install the demo using JBoss
          Portal 2.4.0 or later?

          Can this example also be added to the tutorial documentation in the Reference Guide Tutorials (with a link
          pointing to the download for struts-demo-for-jboss-portal.zip)?


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            Thomas Heute Master

            Would you mind putting a zip package together with the correct portletbridge, and a -object.xml file to create a new page with that portlet on it and push it to Roy Russo (roy.russo@jboss.com) to put it on portletswap.com ?

            (Keep the licenses files)

            Thanks !