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    How to access UserModule on session timeout

    Purna chand Newbie


      We have a scenario like cuncurrent user login should not be allowed. Means, Once the user is in logged in state, He cannot login from different session. So for that, i have written my own custom class extending IdentityLoginModule, and when the user is authenticated, i am updating one field in database which shows the status of that user as logged in. Now, the problem is, resetting that field back to loggedout status, when the user logs out. So i thought of writing my own session listener, and on session destroyed, i want to update that field back to loggedout status. But i could not access userID there in that session destroyed method. Can anyone help me out in this...?

      As i observed, On session timeout, It is updating 'portal.user.last-login-date' property in database. Means on session timeout, It knows UserID and updating appropriately. So plz let me know how to access userID in that case.

      I know this is a simple question but i m not aware of jboss source code.

      Thanks in advance...