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    Creating Table on the fly.

    How How Newbie

      HtmlDataTable tempTable = new HtmlDataTable();
      HtmlColumn tempColumn = new HtmlColumn();

      Any ideas why is the table rendering the column?

      I been spending a whole day on this. Thanks. =)

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          How How Newbie

          dropTargetPanel = accountPanels.get(i);
          dropTargetPanel.setId("accPanel" + strAccountID);
          dropTargetPanel.setHeader("ACCOUNT " + i);

          dataTable = new HtmlDataTable();
          column = new HtmlColumn();
          oText = new HtmlOutputText();
          oText.setValue("Testing 123");
          dropTargetPanel.getChildren().add(dataTable); //Wont render table
          dropTargetPanel.getChildren().add(oText);//Able to render otext.

          May i know why ? thanks