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    problem with form submission with spring mvc on jboss portal

    Adam Newbie


      I've got BIG problem with spring portlet mvc on jboss portal: supose I am on page /portal/portal/myPortal/somePage and on this page are a few windows (with forms - derived from SimpleFormController). When I submit one of them - OK, the success view is displayed, but when I go to another page and go back to somePage the form is submitted (bo by back in my web browser, but by some link to that page)!!! The errors, if are any, are displayed and often i get exception: could'n retrieve command (errors) object from portlet session. Why is that? Setting session form to true/false doesn't change this. I think that setting parameters about form submission in portlet session is one big mistake. I hope someone will tell mi what it is that way and what can I do to make my work better. What can I do take control over form submitting? What is the parameter name? Where can I set it??
      When I debug system I see that request in isFormSubmission is JBossActionRequest (when I go to myPage again from another) - why is that?

      Spring (IoC) is good, but my experience with mvc tell that spring mvc isn't , I hope JSF will satisfy my needs.