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    IPC with three portlets on a single page

    anu123suya Newbie


      I have tried out the sample for the IPC.It works fine.

      I would like to have three portlets say
      on the same portlet page.

      I would like to achieve IPC between these portlets.

      As per the reference document
      JBoss Portal IPC enables a one-to-one relationship between portlets

      Attempting to affect behaviour of more than one portlet per action
      (Portlet A affecting PortletB and portletC) is not possible.

      Can I try IPC between
      Portlet A and PortletB(One to one communication)
      PortletB and PortletC (One to one communication)

      Does JBoss portal support this kind of IPC(Event based)?
      If yes please let me know how is that acheived?