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    modifying the jboss portal programatically with portal core

    Fredrik Forsberg Newbie

      I am developing some portlets using JBoss seam 1.0 and JBoss Portal 2.6.
      A want to use the Portal Core API in order to add portal objects programatically, e.g. portlet instances to pages and pages to portals.
      I have looked at how the included manager portlet accomplishes this. I figured out that I need an instance of the PortalObjectManagerBean and then call some methods on it.

      The manager portlet uses dependency injection via the faces-config.xml and sets up various properties on the bean. I have copied that managed bean to my faces-config.xml and set getters and setters in my pojo to my attribute of class PortalObjectManagerBean but it is null when I access it.
      If I explicitly create a new object all other properties of the bean is still null. I access the portal core api from a pojo that in turn is called by an seam action class.

      How do I get an instance of the managerbean? Have anyone done this before and want to give me any help?