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    load page with portlet maximized

    Denis Marzadro Novice

      I'm usung JBossPortal 2.4.1 with jsf based portlets

      I have a page with 6 portlets and i would like to open one of these maximized. I think i understood it is not possible so i was looking for prepare a page with 6 links that each one opens the specific portlet in maximized form but i didn't fin a way to do.
      I looked in the forum and i already tried these way:

      <a id="port1" href="
      <portlet:actionURL windowState="maximized">
      <portlet:param name="myName" value="myValue"/>
      <portlet:param name="locationURL" value="/portal/portal/default/myPage"/>
      go to portlet 1

      but it is not working, maybe i lost to do something (i don't understand if myValue means i have to develope a method somewhere)

      portlet 1

      this opens my page but not maximized

      Someone have some suggestion.
      Thanks in advance to anyone will help me