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    Portlet data

    Sridhar Krishnan Newbie


      Can a portlet preference value stored in Portlet A be retreived in Portlet B? Is this possible (JBoss 2.4) on the first hand.? if so how it could be done.

      Can we mention the portlet name while retreiving the portlet data.?

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          hussain rangwala Newbie

          I have a web application and its running fine on a Jboss AS 2.4.0 However i wish to deploy the same as a portlet on JBoss Portal 2.4.0.I followed all the steps for Deploying an application as a portlet on Jboss portal.However i am unable to deploy the same .I am facing the following issue:
          1)Neither the portlet shows up when i click on the portlets link nor a portlet instance is created.
          However I have the following doubts.
          1)What all changes are required in portlet.xml,portlet-instances.xml,*-object.xml.jboss-portlet.xml.
          2)Are there any changes to be done in other files apart from the one above.
          3)Also what should we write in the tag <portlet-class> in the portlet.xml file coz i have many class files under the classes folder.
          4)Also can you please explain the different elements in portlet.xml and how do we map the same for our application.

          Kindly reply as soon as possible.
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            Peter Johnson Master

            Hussain, first, you should have started a new thread, nit posted your question onto an existing thread.

            Second, all of the questions you asked are answered in the documentation. See http://docs.jboss.com/jbportal/v2.4/reference-guide/en/html/tutorials.html.