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    Could not get webDAV to work with Portal 2.4.0 nor jboss-por

    Ashish Banerjee Newbie

      I tried and failed to connect windows explorer (using WebDAV from my network places-> add new wizard) with either of JBoss Portal 2.4.0 as well as JBoss 2.6.0-DR1. I followed the instructions provided in the JBoss Wiki. But, they seem to be refering to the previous version when Slide was being used.

      I could get the Windows explorer WebDAV work with the Tomcat webDAV servlet.

      Since JBoss CMS Portlet uses Jackrabbit, does it mean that i have to install the Jackrabbit server (which has the webDAV servlet) or is there any better way to get webDAV functionality. The documents seemed to suggest that since JBoss Portal 2.2 the webDAV functionality is built-in?

      Please enlighten me.
      Ashish Banerjee