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    Navigation Tabs

    Jason Lindsay Newbie

      I'm relatively new to portal development and would like to know how to specify which tabs are to be displayed in the navigation portlet. I would like to exercise control over the tabs with out having to temporarily delete a portlet using CMS(Ive notices the tab will reappear upon restarting the server.)Nor do I want to delete any of the portlets completely. I just wish to know if there's a way to select which tabs will be displayed

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          Peter Johnson Master

          In Portal 2.4 (you never said which version of the portal you are using), the tabs that appear in the navigation portlet correspond to the pages to which the user can navigate. Hence, since 'admin' can navigate to the 'Admin' page, when logged in as 'admin' you see the 'Admin' tab, otherwise you don't.

          You can do similar things by defining roles that ca see specific pages. For example, role 'one' can see pages 'aaa' and 'bbb', while role 'two' can see pages 'aaa' and 'ccc'. Then if user 'joe' is in role 'one' and role 'two', 'joe' can see all three pages (all thre tabs show in the navigation portlet). If user 'sue' is only in role 'two', then 'sue' can see only pages 'aaa' and 'ccc' (only those two tabs show in the navigation portlet.