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    Portlet states strategy

    Alexander Radzishevsky Newbie

      Hi All!
      I have the following requirement and do not see the way how to implement it on JBoss 2.4.0.

      For all the portlets within one region the following strategy must be applied:
      initially portlet1 is maximazed, all the rest are minimized;
      if portletX is maximized, all the rest must be minimized;
      if maximazed portletX is minimized, that portletX+1 is maximized.
      in other words: within all the portlets of the region, one of them must be always maximized.

      I was playing with layout strategy in order to implement this functionality, but unfortunatelly StrategyResponse.addWindowStateChange takes WindowContext as parameter, not WindowLocation and I have access to window locations of other portlets only.

      Maybe somebody has other ideas how to solve my problem.

      thanks in advance.