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    a4j: onselect dataTable

    dreu zel Novice

      I've a problem using a4j support in a Data table

      <h:form id=list>
       <rich:dataTable value="#{ContactSuggest}" var="record" >
       <a4j:support event="onselect"
       </a4j:support >
      dummy.select(record) simply echo's the full class name of the variable record.

      The data list is displayed correctly
      as I add an onselect java script(alarm) the event is detecteted and the alarm is noted (no action routine is launched)

      as I create a h:commandLink using the identical action routine spec
      the action routine is called.

      Only when I use the support event=select action= syntax no action routine gets called.

      I'ts my first use of a4j support, maybe I'm specifying it wrong
      any help apreciated