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    Urgent help required--Integrating any open source CMS with j

    mythili santhanam Newbie


      My requirement is to integrate any content management system like documentum,Interwoven with JBoss portal.
      I am very new to working with JBoss portals.
      I am confused whether this is feasible with jboss portals.
      Please help me regarding this.

      If you can provide any relevant docs/links, it would be very helpful.
      Thanks in advance.


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          Thomas Heute Master

          Your question is very wide.

          How and what do you need to integrate exactly ?

          Integration could just be displaying a document (an HTML file for example) written with any CMS. Easy to do, just build a portlet that fetch the content form the CMS and dump it in your render method. (That's basically how the JBoss portal CMS works)

          Then do you need authentication/authorization ? If so your CMS needs to be able to adapt to some form of authentication and authorization with JBoss Portal (You may not want users to log in in the portal *and* the CMS)

          You may want to let people add content from the portal ? That's another part of integration...

          Note: Some CMS provide some kind of JSR-168 portlet to provide *some* integration (Documentum does as far as i remember)