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    securing a page

    Sebastian Lillo Newbie

      Hi, I'm having trouble trying to assign a page to be seen only to a specific group. I can't select/deselect the actions from the boxes. I'm using portal 2.4.1

      Thanks in advance

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          Peter Johnson Master

          To deselect an action, hold the ctrl key and click the action. (I hope that is what your question was, took me a while to figure it out also, it's how multi-select list boxes work in browsers, though those boxes are rare enough that working with them is not immediately obvious.)

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            Sebastian Lillo Newbie

            Peter, thanks for the reply. So if the action is selected, it means the group CAN perform it ?

            On the other hand there's this strange behaviour, if I access the page - which has two Portlet Bridge portlets - with an unauthenticated user, the portlets are referencing old urls. If the user is authenticated, they point to the right ones. Is this a cache problem ? Is there a way to clean the cache ?

            Anyway, the final goal is to hide the upper tab that points to the page if the user doesn't belong to a particular group.

            Thanks in advance.

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              Peter Johnson Master

              Here is an example, a portal with two pages, and how you would set up two roles such that one role can see both pages, the other can see only one page.

              role1 role2 unchecked
              PortalA viewrecursive view --
              page1 --- view --
              page --- --- --

              Key points:

              * role1 has viewrecursive set at the portal level thus has access to all pages. No need to set access control on individual pages
              * role2 has view access to portal and page1, thus cannot see page 2 (it will not show up in the navigation tabs)
              * unchecked is not granted any access rights. This is important because if, for example. unchecked is granted view rights on page2, then role2 can see page2. (If a role is not granted specific access to a page, then the access rights granted to the "unchecked" role is used.)

              My recommendation however, is to not set any portal access right, and instead set them all at the page level:

              role1 role2 unchecked
              PortalA --- --- --
              page1 view view --
              page view --- --

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                Sebastian Lillo Newbie

                Thanks Peter! Works just fine.