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    Magnolia integration with JBoss Portal 2.6

    Olivier Newbie

      I'm a new JBoss Portal developer and I've just discovered Magnolia tools. Both are JackRabbit-based, but Magnolia seems to add interesting content management functionnality that I'd like to use.

      So, I'm wondering about integration of the two products !

      Sure, I've noticed that Magnolia JSR168 portlets were not included in the community edition (the free one) :-(

      So, would it be suitable to play that scenario ?
      - use JCR repository JackRabbit of Magnolia, on JBoss App. server.
      - branch JBoss Portal on that repository
      - use Magnolia free web app on JBoss App. server as a back-office administration tool (authoring)
      - use standard JBoss Portal content management portlet or an customized one
      - define and use JCR custom node types

      I hope it's not a such impossible architecture ! Does someboday has already tested such architecture ?

      Thanks in advance for your helps and opinions about that,


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          Thomas Heute Master

          Yes you could do it.

          Fetching the content from Magnolia in a portlet shouldn't be too hard (You would have to create your own portlet).

          Then it depends on the identity management, fine grain permission might be an issue, it all depends how you can hook into Magnolia identity model. But if you let the user access all the info, then you should have no problem creating that portlet.