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    JBoss Portal default MyPage & samples

    Simon J Xuereb Newbie

      I have tried jboss portal 2.4 & then 2.6 using an Oracle instance.

      When I install Jboss portal; default example pages get created MyPage; Test and News.

      When I delete these extra pages from the Management Portlet it is successfull. However on restart of JBoss AS these pages get re-created !!!

      I notice them being deleted from the JBP_OBJECT_NODE table in the database and get re-created again on restart.

      What is the best way to cleanup JBOSS Portal ready for production...
      Preferably a clean re-install without extra examples and portlets...



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          Roy Russo Master

          As long as you don't modify the *-object.xml in the bundle, those pages will be created. You need to modify the *-object.xml, on a clean install (DB) and then boot up.

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            Simon J Xuereb Newbie


            After posting, I had modified the *-object.xml ( default-object.xml ). I managed to remove the news page from the default portal.

            Then I deleted portal-samples folder which includes another *-object.xml and removed the Test Portal.

            However I cannot manage to remove the MyPage portal ! It keeps coming up on restarting Jboss AS.

            Used linux grep recursive in the whole default/deploy/jboss-portal.sar and there seems to be no xml file containing MyPage....

            Thus I suspect it is hardcoded in somewhere...



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              Peter Johnson Master

              If you successfully removed the News page, you must have found jboss-portal.sar/portal-samples.war/WEB-INF/default-object.xml.

              The other pages (default, Admin, News) are defined at jboss-portal.sar/conf/data/default-object.xml.

              However, I do not recall a page named MyPage (though I didn't look at 2.6). Did you deploy any other portlets? Perhaps one of those declared a MyPage.

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                Simon J Xuereb Newbie

                A small correction for other users ....

                'Test' page is defined/deleted from

                'News' page is defined/deleted at jboss-portal.sar/conf/data/default-object.xml.

                'My Page' I couldn't find anywhere.

                Yes you are right. I remember I installed the test portlets found in portletswap.com for tutorials. It could be one of them...hmmm...

                Could any xml files have been installed in JBOSS_AS itself ?... as I remember deleting/re-creating the whole default/deploy/jboss-portal.sar

                Does JBOSS_AS keep some portal related configs upon restart.. ?

                I will check again later today and update the post.



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                  Peter Johnson Master

                  SJX, thanks for catching the typo.

                  JBoss AS doesn't have any portlets itself, so that isn't the issue. It has to be one of the portlets from portletswap. Also JBoss AS does not keep track of any portal information, that is the sole responsibility of JBoss Portal.

                  All portal information (including portlets, instances and objects/windows) is kept in the database. The *-object.xml, and similar files, are used both initialize and update the data in the database (hence the '< if-exists >' tag). Unfortunately, no matter how < if-exists > is set, the portal cannot tell that you actually deleted the pages from the database, and thus simply repopulates it. Hmm, maybe a value of 'firstTimeOnly' for < if-exists > might be handy.

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                    Simon J Xuereb Newbie

                    Hi Peter, Roy,

                    Thank you I have resolved the issue. It was in fact the portlet helloworldportalpage.war I had installed a few days before. Silly...

                    grep couldn't help in a war file....

                    Yes I agree a would be very helpful to isolate *object.xml & database & Management Portlet issues after the portal is installed.

                    Thanks again for the GREAT support.