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    Role Management and User portlet access other than "admin" a

    dexxa Newbie

      Using JBOSS 2.6 ALPHA1 (bundled) on Windows server 2003

      It seems like access to the role management and user portlets are restricted to only the user account "admin". I have created a new user and added them to the administrator role only. When I log on as the new user and try to access the role management I get the message "Sorry you do not have access to this function". When I try to access the user portlet using this new user I do not get a "create user" link but just the "edit your profile" link.

      I noticed that when you try to apply security through the Management Portlet all of the roles are shown except the role Administrators. A role called Admin is displayed. Does Admin = the role Administrators or does Admin = the user account named admin?

      What I need is a way to blow away the default accounts (for security purposes) and create a couple of new "admin" accounts without messin' up the access. Any help would be appreciated!