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    Documentum Integration with JBoss

    mythili santhanam Newbie


      My requirement is to analyse whether the documentum CMS can be integrated with JBOss portal.As of my understanding from the docuemntation,Documentum provides a JSR 168 compliant portlet as a download which can be deployed into JBOss portal.

      Please let me know whether my understanding is right.
      I am not able to test this since the portlets available in the docuentum site are not free downloads..

      Thanks in advance for your help,

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          Thomas Heute Master

          Yes that's what they claim, but i didn't try it, you need to make sure that the level of integration is the one you want.

          See my other posts on this subject.

          I suggest you ask Documentum on the different points important for you like:
          * Can you edit a document from the portlet (may or may not be relevant depending on your use case
          * Identity integration
          * ...