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    Creating new Account/User fails with Oracle DB

    Test Tester Newbie

      I'm using Portal 2.4 and Oracle.
      My Application works fine.
      My Problem is, that when I want to create a new user/account from the user portlet ("create new account") I can't create it. I can fill out the formular but when I click the create new account button I get an error message:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: ORA-00001: unique constraint (INTRA.SYS_C001714) violated

      I have migrated Data Tables from Turbine Tables to my JBP Tables. Worked all fine.
      I think my problem is, that the Portal tries to create my new account with an UID that already exists. Is it possible to create an other uid? how will the uids be created? where can i change this? perhaps somebody has a solution fpr this