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    How to Signout from MyFacesGenericportlet

    Filip Rzyszkiewicz Newbie

      I'm trying to write my own userPortlet. It must be jsf portlet. I am registering users using usermodule and also store my specific registartion information i my Databese table. evrything works fine. i have only problems with logout. I have in my jsf managed bean:

      public void logout(ActionEvent event){
       ExternalContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext();
       JBossActionResponse respone = (JBossActionResponse) context.getResponse();

      and call it from jsf page:
      <h:commandLink value="logout" actionListener="#{bean.logout}" ></h:commandLink>

      response.signOut create errors.

      registration process uses jsf validation and converters so i don't wont to convert portlet into normal portlet. How can i logout from jsf portlet? When and how can I acces actionResponse from jsf portlet.