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    Weather Portlet - temp in deg C

    Andy Reed Newbie

      Has anyone had any success forcing the weather portlet to display the temperature in degrees centigrade rather than fahrenheit? Yahoo weather supports this by adding "_c" to the zip code/location however when I tried this, the portal retrieves no data. Any help appreciated as us British types don't understand fahrenheit! ;-)



      OS: Win XP SP2
      DB: MySQL
      JBoss 4.0.4-GA
      JBoss Portal v. 2.4.1-GA

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          David Shaw Newbie

          This used to work under 2.2. You were able to edit the preferences? I just tried under 2.4.1-SP1 and the 'edit' button displays but doesn't activate for me. Same with the news portlet.

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            dexxa Newbie

            I'm using 2.4.1 and I have been able to get the edit button to work although the _c doesn't work for me either. I get the actual temperature to display in C by adding &u=c to the end of the "zipcode". The degrees are then displayed in Celcius however an F still appears beside each of the numbers. I had to then edit the XSL file..\portal-samples.war\WEB-INF\xsl\weather\rss.xsl to get rid of the hard coded F's in the file.

            If anyone has a better way, I'd be interested too!

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              Yeah, I have a better idea... lets ditch Fahrenheit, Miles, ounces, NTSC, driving left, speaking english (sorry, american english that is ;-)) all together and create a new ice-age so GB is finally part of main land europe

              sorry... just joking

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                Andy Reed Newbie

                lol. I've spoken with the Queen and as an alternative, she suggested that the US would be welcome back into the commonwealth if they are willing to start spelling things correctly (e.g. colour) and stop stealing our places names and prefixing them with 'New'!

                I hope this is taken as the joke it's meant and I don't get flamed! :-D

                Thanks for the pointers, I'll give that a try.