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    workaround to deploy many objects

    pmn92 Novice

      It seems to be a bug with many objects (pages and windows) in a deployment file, the problem arises when approaching 1000. It is also difficult to be sure that there is no mistake in a large descriptor file, especially with this type of descriptors referencing potentially pre-existing objects into the database and cross referencing instances and portlets.

      The "-object.xml" file is a series of records ... and the problem arises in both cases where there is one record with many objects in it or many records with few objects in it - here objects are page nodes or window nodes.

      The workaround to this problem is to create several files "xxx-object.xml"

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          Viet Master

          jeez : 1000 ?

          the issue may come from the fact that the portal creates a transaction when it insert the objects (in order to ensure atomicity among other things), too many objects could lead to have a processing time larget than the transaction timeout value, leading to an automatic rollback of the transaction.

          you could try and increase the default value of the transaction timeout :

          1/ edit the file server/default/conf/jboss-service.xml
          2/ locate the mbean jboss:service=TransactionManager
          3/ increase the attribute TransactionTimeout from 300 to a larger value