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    Struts Portlet

    Sridhar Krishnan Newbie


      I have the following scenario to be deployed in a portal server using struts application.

      Initial when the default page loads there is a search portlet and there are 3 other portlet windows that show empty pages. So the whole page has got the search page.

      When a search text is entered and submitted the application retreives data from different data sources and displays data in three other portlets.

      Can the above requirement be fulfilled using struts application?

      I saw the struts demo application. But the working is restricted to a single portlet only.

      If anybody has any answers then do post to me.

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          Sridhar Krishnan Newbie


          There has been a posting from Thomas on using struts framework for portlet projects.


          What is the best framework that we can follow for developing portlet projects?

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            manuelpalacio Newbie

            I have used JSF with success. It's time to forget Struts :)

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              Roman Muntyanu Newbie


              In our current project we use JBoss portal. We desperately try to make it more user-friendly. And for this reason we use Ajax-updated portlets.

              Unfortunately JBoss hasn't got that nice Model-View-Controller Architecture we are used to. So to simulate that we use containers and struts handler actions. I know that's not the best sollution since we have to maintain 2 frameworks - 1) JBoss Portal's doView() methods and 2) Struts Actions. However it works ...

              What would you suggest as a substitution for Struts?
              Has JBoss Portal got some kind of controller which can be called for a separate portlet?

              The following is a list of issues that made us use such a tricky sollution
              - Ajax Update of a separate portlet (delete row in a list, edit row that is follow the edit form and return, error handling);
              - Ajax Update of related portlets (for example click search button in one portlet and display results in the other);
              - client-side validation (stuts-validation analogue);
              - server-side validation (stuts-validation analogue);

              I would be very thankful if someone would have suggest the framework for solving this list of tasks.

              We have estimated JSF in our company, and I know people who also try to use it. And in both cases they say that Strust is much simplier, easier to use and more reliable than JSF, especially for large projects.

              Thank you.

              Best regards,