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    WSRP Producer and Sessions Not Working

    Seth Green Newbie

      I have an existing JSR-168 portlet that I deployed on JBoss Portal 2.4.1 (installed from JBoss Portal + JBoss AS 2.4.1-SP1 bundle on Mac OSX) as a remotable portlet so I could use it as a producer in a WSRP scenario.

      When I use the portlet within the JBoss portal (not remotable), the session data is kept and the mechanism works fine.

      When I consume the portlet with another portal (Weblogic in my test case), the session data is not kept.

      I have tried to find documentation regarding this issue, but can not. I'm wondering if there is any configuration or extra coding I need to allow this functionality.

      Is anyone familiar with this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.