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    JBoss Portal 2.4.1 User Portlet not working with MySQL 5.0

    David Roberts Apprentice

      I have setup JBoss Portal 2.4.1 to run on JBoss Application Server 4.05, using MySQL 5.0. I have made the relevant changes for the known MySQL 5.0 data truncation issue.
      There are no errors when starting up the server, and everything seems fine, however, when loggin in as admin / admin, the user portlet doesn't seem to work. It still has the link "Standard Login" and "create one". Even when clicking on these, the user portlet simply opens up and remains on that page. I did read in another thread somewhere that someone has the same issue in JBoss Portal 2.2, but no resolution has yet been found on that thread.

      I have now re-set up the portal using MySQL 4.1.13 instead, and the user portlet works perfectly.

      Has anyone else had this issue with MySQL 5.0, and do they know what the problem is? I'm a bit worried about using MySQL 5.0 if there are going to be funny issues like this one. In the documentation it does say that MySQL 5.0 is not officially supported. Does anyone know when it will be officially supported? And should I rather use MySQL4 for now?

      Thanks in advance.