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    Map collection mapping giving problem

    Saptarshi Saha Newbie


      I have add a map to hibernate "FormTabMetaData" class map file. As a result now the class is not fatching any record.I am adding coding here.Any help will be cherished.

      There are three tables:
      1.1 tabid
      1.2 fieldid
      1.3 name
      2.1 fieldid
      2.2 name
      2.3 attrbtid
      3.1 attrbtid
      3.2 name

      The map code is:

      <map name="visibleAttributes" table="formFieldMetaData" lazy="true" >
       <key column="idFormTabMetaData"/>
       <index column="idFormFieldMetaData" type="java.lang.Long" >
       <composite-element class="com.eforce.license.licensemanager.transferobject.AttributeRight">
       <parent name="formFieldMetaData"/>
       <property name="name" column="idAttributePermission" type="java.lang.Long" not-null="true"/>
       <filter name="Deleted" />