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    Back button problem in portal environment

    Andrew Newbie

      Hi everyone

      I have a conceptual problem with back button in portal environment.
      Imagine that we have to pages JSF portlet. Fist page give us list of products and hiperlink for each one. Link walk us to the next page where full information about product displayed. Information about product pass through Session Bean property (Request Bean doesn't work in portal environment for such purpose).
      Fist time everything work fine until user press browser back button. When he does it first page show up again and when he press another link he still get page from the first try. And there is no way to see another product pages. I suppose that's can be because of state saving method, but can I change it in portal environment?
      If no, what's a method to solve such problem?

      I've already tried to ask this question on Sun Portal Forum but I only got answer like as follows:

      I'm assuming the link contains information uniquely identifying the selection?? When the link is selected, get this information, store in session, and retrieve the session information when in the init() method of the target page. Should work just fine.

      I suppose it wouldn't work in portal environment because url is something that portal use for it's needs.