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    ravindra reddy Newbie

      i am using JBoss Portal Alpha 2 version. In 'editcontent' of dashboard i want to provide a option 'external CMS' along with 'cms' and 'available instances'. so that user can select and display the content that i uploaded through external CMS in addition to the options you had provided. i am using one open source CMS,developed in java.

      to which source file of jboss portal i should make changes so that i can view this extra option.

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          download the source code and look at the "core-cms" source tree which contains the cms integration within the portal.

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            ravindra reddy Newbie

            yh ok.. i will look into that

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              Jimisola Laursen Newbie


              What external CMS are you using - Alfresco?

              Not exactly sure that I understood what you wanted to do, but it might be something would be useful for others as well (read: myself). Would you care to explain it is that you want to do more precisely and also if you managed to fnd a solution to your problem?

              Kind Regards,

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                ravindra reddy Newbie

                i am using MeshCMS open source product developed in java. we just required to deploy the war file in our server.

                but i am unable to resolve my problem.

                i wish to mention my requirement once again

                in edit dashboard option we can include any portlet instance available to our page. similarly when we click the available 'cms' link we can see all the available files in CMS and we can add the required to the particular portal page. similar to 'cms' link i want to create 'externalcms' link. so that we can even choose the file to display in our portal that we uploaded through third party CMS.