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    Problem while integrating jQuery

    Muhammad Ali Amin Newbie


      I have read the tutorial over http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/jQuery.jsf;jsessionid=6E003F42820E67DE288F81B792CF7915?c=jQuery&tab=usage to integrate the jQuery in richFaces.

      Eearlier, I had following jQuery script ..

      $().ready(function() {
       type: 'v',
       initA: true, // use width of A (#LeftPane) from styles
       accessKey: '|'
       // Firefox doesn't fire resize on page elements
       $(window).bind("resize", function(){

      which i replaced with this one
      <rich:jQuery selector="#flexible-top" name="mysplit" query="splitter({type: 'v',initA: true, accessKey: '|' })" timing="onload"/>

      Now, the jQuery is working fine but other richface components (tabs, calendar) has stopped working. How can i fix it ?