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    Google Gadgets

    Neil McFarlane Novice


      I've been reviewing the features of Liferay and one of them is the support of Google Gadgets to be embedded into the portal.

      Does JBoss Portal offer this? If not, is it on the schedule to be added at all?

      I think this will be a useful feature, as the number of Google Gadgets is growing rapidly.

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          Viet Master

          we have a service which provide google gadgets but the main issue is that page reloading force the gadget state to reinitialize.

          how does the liferay implementation work on a full page refresh ?

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            Viet Master

            I tried the demo site a bit and reloading the page leads to reload the widget state. So it would work for stateless gadgets I think.

            For instance try the pacman game on liferay or us, play a little and then click on another portlet. It will reload the game.

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              Neil McFarlane Novice

              Hi Julien, thanks for responding.

              I never tried the "dynamic" gadgets (sorry, I'm not sure what the proper terminology is, "stateful"?), as in my admittedly limited search I haven't noticed any particularly useful ones for a corporate site.

              Still, since the whole point was that Gadgets seem to grow like weeds, a useful one is likely to appear and not being able to maintain the widget state is a definite, if not immediate, limitation.

              But, if I read you correctly, JBoss supports Google Gadgets? Would you happen to have an example on hand you could point me to?

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                Neil McFarlane Novice


                Can I ask where I can find the service mentioned above which provides Google Gadgets? I've searched the site for it, but I can't seem to locate it.


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                  Viet Master

                  it's in the source code of 2.6, it is not deployed by default. It is very beta but works.

                  but Thomas got another idea. It could be possible to integrate it at the new pluggable content stuff instead of the portlet invoker level.

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                    Neil McFarlane Novice

                    Ah, alright.

                    Thank you for the feedback Julien.