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    Error at the management portlet

    Thomas B Newbie

      I'm trying to build a layout and a theme for the portal, for the layout i want three columns style, about 20% left and right columns and 60% of the center column. how do I implement this? I've tried to use the unknown region and asign it with the regionC style-sheet.
      The problem is that when i try to handle a portlet form the management portlet and press the arrow to put it at the unknown region(with the arrow at the theme section) outputs the following error...:

      "/WEB-INF/jsp/management/plugins/manager.xhtml @74,63 value="#{portalobjectmgr.cols}": Exception getting value of property cols of base of type : org.jboss.portal.core.portlet.management.PortalObjectManagerBean"

      I've tried to do the same thing without my custom layout and I noticed the same thing when I try to put a second portlet at the unknown region and I have the same error...

      What is the problem? Also can anyone tell me how can I solve my problem
      I use Jboss-portal 2.6 alpha2 release..
      With a prior version there is an other problem: when i try to put it in the unknown or navigate region(with the arrows) portlet goes to the other direction....

      Please if anyone can help..

      Also where can I find a good open source calendar portlet with events, multilaguage (if I'm right Bedework is not multilanguage..) because I want the portlet to be in greek and english. Also if exists a portlet so I can change the default language, something like clicking on a flag..

      I'm trying to use portlet-bridge but it seems not to work with portal 2.6. Other basic portlets like site map, sign in etc do not exist, is there a place where I can download them or similar with source so I don't have to start from scratch... My time to finish my work is limited...

      Please any kind of help will be appreciated.!!

      Thanks in advance

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          Thomas B Newbie

          I found that there is a jira issue about that...
          Does anyone has the same problem with me ?

          With the produciton 2.4 release there is an other problem.. if you have a new region(for example right region) and even navigation and unknown region and try to move a portlet to that direction, it simply doesn't comply.

          Is there a fix on that??