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    File size in CMS Admin portlet showing as 0kb

    Neil McFarlane Novice


      Describe your environment:
      JBoss AS & Portal Version: JBoss Portal + JBoss AS 2.4.1-SP1
      Did you get Portal from CVS? or download it? Downloaded package
      Database Vendor and Version: Using embedded Hypersonic (?)
      JDBC Connector and Version: N/A
      OS Platform: Windows XP

      Describe the problem:
      All files in the CMS Admin (including those that came with JBoss and any I upload / create) are showing with a size of 0kb.

      I can still preview the file by clicking on the link in the version number (http://localhost:8080/portal-core/cmspreview?v=1.0&l=en&p=/JBossPortalreferenceGuide.pdf) and I can view it by entering the URL shortcut (http://localhost:8080/portal/content/JBossPortalreferenceGuide.pdf)

      Additional item:
      I have not modified the XML configuration files at all. Basically this was a clean install, loaded it up, attempted to upload a file.