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    User Authentication ( single sign-on ) between portlet and P

    Edward Chen Newbie


      I need to know how to develop a function to do user Authentication between a portlet and Portal frame. I am developing a portlet by JSR 168 under Portal frame for a University. We need just a single sign-on to the portal.

      The university has a so-called blue-stem sign on for every student and staff. Now I am developing a portlet plugged into the Portal. I use JSP/Java to develop portlet. When an user signs onto the blue-stem system, it can automatically get him/her into the portlet.

      For example, user id = abcd, password = xxxx. the Portal can catch this login from blue-stem system and pass back into User Authentication between portlet and Portal

      I want to know how to develop this function. If I need to insert a code, where should I input? Any simple code will be very help me start. Thanks a lot.

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          Sohil Shah Master

          so let me understand this correctly.

          you have a university portal and you are creating a JSR168 portlet and integrating this into the university portal?

          If thats the case, when a user signs on to the university portal using the so called blue-stem method you described,

          the portlet running inside this university portal will be running in the authenticated state.

          Again, based on your explanation, i am assuming the portlet is running inside the university portal where the user is logging in. Is this assumption correct?