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    Performance issues with a Richfaces application

    Sathish Gopal Newbie

      We are trying to isolate performance issues with a Richfaces/JSF application.

      On using Rational Performance Tester tool we observed that for every new page request 2 *.jsf artifacts are downloaded (ajaxscripts.jsf, prototypescript.jsf). The size of the above 2 is close to 140kb. The content of these is same across page clicks, however the tester tool shows them as fresh download per page. Other static content (css, image, etc.) are cached and not downloaded with every page access.

      Example, (related to attached artifacts)

      - Page 1 -Login Submit - Downloaded LoginSubmit-AjaxScript.jsf & LoginSubmit-PrototypeScript.jsf

      - Page 2 - Flight Search - Downloaded FlightSearch-AjaxScript.jsf & FlightSearch-PrototypeScript.jsf

      We believe this could be a potential reason for performance degradation, hence wanted to understand on reasons for this happening and any potential solutions.

      Please let me know if you need any clarification on this