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    Management Portlet - Destroy Page

    Kai Hemmer Newbie

      I'm having the following problem with the jboss portal 2.4.1.

      After deploying the portal server on Windows machine everything works out fine and I can use every function of the management portlet.

      But if I copy exactly the same jboss server and jboss portal server on a linux machine some funtions of the management portlet don't have any effect any longer. For example the "Destroy" button, to destroy pages.

      I changed the hibernate logging to very fine in order to find out if anything happens after clicking the destroy button. The result is: nothing happens, no hibernate logging, no exception, simply nothing!

      I tried to change the locals of the linux system, I tested it with different java versions, but the problem still exists.

      Does anyone have any clue what's wrong with the linux system/portal server???

      I'm thankful for any reply.