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    Reporting tool integration with jboss portal

    anu123suya Newbie


      The requirement is to explore the possibility of integrating reporting tools with jboss portal server.
      I understand that jasper reports can be integrated with jboss portal thro the API exposed.
      Similarly,are there any other reporting tools that can be integrated?
      Particularly,Business Objects.
      Please help.


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          Craig Rutfield Newbie

          I have been using another Open Source Product for this: Pentaho BI Suite and have been very impressed.

          It is an integration of multiple reporting tools:
          Mondrian - Open Source OLAP Server
          JFreeReport - Open Source Reporting
          Kettle - Open Source Data Integration (E.T.T.L.)
          Pentaho - Comprehensive Open Source BI Suite
          Weka - Open Source Data Mining

          The samples with the products include portlets. If I remember right, when I initially installed it, I simply modified the JNDI database connection definition and the SQL statements in the XML file and had portlets running with no coding.

          I am using JBP 2.4.1.

          I hope that helps.

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            anu123suya Newbie


            Thanx for your reply.
            It will be very helpful if anyone can specifically let me know the integration possiblities with Business Objects.
            The environment already has as set-up running using Business Objects and the possibility of whether jboss portal can integrate it with needs to be explored.
            I am not finding any docs regarding this.
            Please help.