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    How to use portlet bridge for struts?

    tsangcn Newbie


      My application use struts framework. Now I am evaluating JBoss Portal 2.6 and want to put my application in a portlet. I have found that I need to use portlet brdige. But I have not found any information on how to use it. Can anyone provide information on where to find such information or provide an example? I have already wasting several days finding such information.

      C. N.

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          Richard Abbuhl Newbie

          Look at the struts bridge documentation from Apache.

          Download the struts bridge demo from JBoss called struts-demo-for-jboss-portal.zip. It does not work correctly with JBoss Portal. I have detailed the changes that need to be made to make it work in a post but I need to locate that post.

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            Thomas Heute Master

            It has been removed from PortletSwap obviously (probablt because it didn't work anymore).

            The link is here: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/portletswap/portlets/bundles/spring-portlet-sample.zip

            If you happen to fix it, please send it to Roy

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              tsangcn Newbie


              The portlet-bridges-struts page in apache.org does not contain any link to download the portlet-bridge. But at last I found it, it is http://www.apache.org/dist/portals/bridges/. Although the file names indicated that they are source code, the files actually contains source code and compiled binaries. It is now version 1.0 and contains two jar files for struts (portals-bridges-struts-1.2.4-1.0.jar and portals-bridges-struts-1.2.7-1.0.jar).

              I also find the struts-demo-for-jboss-portal.zip (Sorry, I have forgotten where I found it). But the portlet bridge in it is quite old (version 0.2). So I have updated the new portlet bridge in it. And I have modified the xml descriptors to the JBoss Portal 2.6 format. I can deploy and run the portlet, with the following exceptions:

              I logged in as "admin" and use management portlet to create the struts demo portlet in another page called "Starter". After I click the "Add Center" button, the mangement portlet crashed. The only way to recover is logout and login again. But then every time, I click on the "Starter" page link in management portlet, the mangement portlet crashed, and I have to logout and login again in order to use management portlet. Any way to recover is don't click on the "Starter" page link, but expand it and click on the "StrutsDemoPortletInstance" link and click the destroy button to remove the StrutsDemoPortletInstance from the "Starter" page.

              When the management portlet crashed, the following message is shown

              An error occured while rendering window '/admin/default/ManagementPortletWindow'
              /WEB-INF/jsp/management/plugins/manager.xhtml @74,63 value="#{portalobjectmgr.cols}": Exception getting value of property cols of base of type : org.jboss.portal.core.portlet.management.PortalObjectManagerBean

              Please help to solve the problem.

              The above problem does not exist in JBoss Portal 2.4.1

              I want to upload the war file. But how to?

              C. N.