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    Multiple CMSPortlet instances - how to extend /content...

    Ian White Newbie

      This relates to the problem whereby you can only use CMS links in the default instance of CMSPortlet. If you try to use more instances of CMSPortlet (i.e. on new pages) then CMS links always fetch the page that has the default instance. This is a severe limitation of CMS.

      Could anyone shed some light on how portal processes URLs with /content... ?

      I have spent hours pouring over RenderPageCommand etc., but I can't figure out the lifecycle of a CMS link request.

      I have this idea that if I could work out how CMS links (/content/...) are handled, I could then hack a way to allow additional TargetWindowRef values.

      I imagine that someone at JBoss is workig hard to fix this shortcoming, but I'd like to help if I can. Hope someone can shed some light to get me started...