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    Help deciding on using JBoss Portal

    Amin Navid Newbie

      Dear all,

      We're working on a 3 phrase project, for the first phrase we would like to have working portal up and running in less than a month. JBoss components and JBoss portal offer great features. I have following question which highly appreciate if get answered:

      1) Which version to choose to start working on? 2.4 is recommended to start working on or 2.6? Is 2.6 reliable enough to base our developments on it?
      2) In case if 2.4 is recommended to use over 2.6, later on when 2.6 reaches the production is it possible to upgrade 2.4 easily to 2.6?
      3) Is JBoss Portal cappable of handling a high traffic web site? (off course we would deploy it on good servers and have some people on tweaking the application server)
      4) Is JBoss Portal secure enough?

      I do appreciate for your assistance.