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    Flexing JBoss Posrtal

    Johan Wasserman Newbie

      Would it be possible to start a new Forum for Flexing JBoss Prortal? I am on a mission to build a stable portal application based on flex, and that inspired me to flex some of JB Portal's curret functionallity as well.
      Now I have some "how do I questions" but I'm not sure theire design related (I'll post them in the user forum for now).

      Maybe there are some other developers out there who'd like to know the best place to put the flex library and files, and how to replace the portals interfaces with flex interfaces, etc, etc...

      Currnetly, I just want to replace the User Portal with a flex logon app, that instead of going to the (sorry) "ugly" login page, just logs on straight from the User Portlet. ( See user forum for detail).

      I'm gonna have a lot more questions and hopefully there's other developers out there that are interested in going the same direction.....