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    User propagation from jboss portal web context to the user w

    Michael Chan Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      My portlet has a link to a servlet within the same web application. However, since portlet is deployed by the JBoss portal web app and my servlet has its own web context, the user credential is not shared between the two.

      e.g. In my portlet code,
      I have:
      request.getRemoteUser() == "myuserId"

      but in my servlet code,
      request.getRemoteUser() == null

      Note that both the portlet and the servlet are from the same WAR file.

      Here is my portlet link:

      Within the portlet page, I have a link to my servlet in the same war (note the different context path)

      Is that an expected behavior or a bug in Jboss? I dig through the JSR 168 spec and cannot find anything. Have anyone experience this?


      jboss-portal-2.4.0 [bundle download]
      OS Platform [Redhat Linux/Windows XP]


      Michael Chan
      Director of Development

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