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    MyFaces impl bundling questions

    Kev Roast Newbie


      In addition to my specific question here:

      I'd like to know generally what the Portal teams thoughts are on the use of MyFaces libraries/faces/jsf etc. in JBossAS/JbossPortal and deployed portlets.

      It is my understanding that up to JBossPortal2.4.1 if you downloaded the JbossPortal+jbossAS bundle then the version of Myfaces included in the jsflibs tomcat.sar folder was MyFaces1.1.1 - and if you downloaded JBossAS4.0.5 separately and deployed the portal.sar yourself into it you then had MyFaces1.1.4 as it is part of JbossAS? I'm asking as i'm unsure if any MyFaces portlets deployed into JBossPortal must use the same MyFaces version as the portal itself - due to sharing of the /portal webcontext.

      The application we write has used MyFaces1.1.1 until recently and we have now upgraded to MyFaces.1.1.5 and still want to ensure compatability with JBossPortal...

      Thanks for your help,