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    Can we debug JBoss portal code using jboss-eclipse ide

    Jyoti Mathur Newbie


      I want to know can we debug JBoss portal using Jboss eclipse IDE 1.5 . My aim is to understand the flow of control inside the jboss portal which wil aid me in various customizations i have to do.

      If this is not possible is there any other way of understanding the flow inside the jboss portal source code.

      Any help will be highly appreciated.

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          Jyoti Mathur Newbie

          I solved my problem one issues though

          When we login to the jboss portal using a username and then when we browse to the CMS portlet it again asks for relogin and this time we can change the user.

          How can I make a single sign on for both the CMS and the Portal so nly the same user who logged into the portal in the first place can access the CMS for that user??