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    mail alerts in JBoss Forums

    ravindra reddy Newbie

      i am using
      JBoss portal version 2.6 ALPHA 2
      JBoss Forums Portlet version beta1.0(compatible with above one)

      i am unable to experience the mail alerts feature
      what i have to do to enable this feature?
      Do i need to install JBoss mail server? do i require any external data like domain name.... to activate this service?

      i gone through this link http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBPORTAL-334
      but still confusion. can any one help me out.

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          Ryszard Kozmik Master


          It changed a bit since creation of this Portal task comments. Please refer to JBoss Forums guide available in project downloads. If you still will have problems then please turn on mail debugging.

          PS. Please use JBoss Forums user forum for questions about them.

          Ryszard Kozmik
          JBoss Forums Lead
          JBoss Labs Team