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    Developer in JBoss Portal

    Srinivasan J Newbie

      Hai i am using JBoss Portlet for my application, i had to several doubts in the JBoss Portal
      1. i am using two action in the same JSR 168 portlet . my first action i mapping
      if(name!=null){dispatch..... b.jsp)
      my second action in the b.jsp it need to move c.jsp.///rly i had more action in the portlet where i need to map weather i need to create seperate portlet class or map in the same portlet class. if i map in the seperate portlet class what are the thing i need to do.

      2. i am using AJAX in my JSR 168 Portlet my XMLHttpRequest where i need to set.

      3. i had my HTTPsession where i need to call

      answer this question anyone after i getting answer this question only i need to proceed my application.