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    Content Management / CMSPortlet

    Anette Engel Newbie

      I created a new portal myportal. Some pages will contain static HTML content which will change on a monthly basis.

      I uploaded the HTML files using the CMS Admin Portlet in the folder /mydocs and changed all the links on the page and added the prefix: myfolder/.

      Using the Management Portlet I created a new instance of the CMSPortlet, set the property indexpage to /mydocs/index.html and placed the new instance in a window in page ?mypage? in ?myportal?. The content of the index page will be displayed in ?mypage? in ?myportal?. However when clicking on any link in page the result will be displayed in DefaultCMSPortletWindow on the default page in the default portal.

      Is it possible to configure the CMSPortlet so that the content of a link is displayed in the original window?

      Does anyone have experience with a Content Management System based on JSR 168 which can be integrated with the JBoss Portal and which does not only offer the facility of uploading files but also provides a portlet for displaying the content in different windows, pages and portals? In particular the result of links has to be displayed in the source window.