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    Web Service & portlet deployment structure and required file

    David Kochheiser Newbie

      Does anyone have, or know where to get a basic sample portlet .war file that accesses a web service/wsdl? I am new to JBoss (usually use a different app server for development), and am not 100% sure what is required that is specific to JBoss' app & portal server for deployment. (Attempting to do a prototype)

      Example: Do I need the jboss-web.xml for a portlet, and then the examples I found for accessing a web service are specifying a context-root element, but that doesn't make sense with a portlet.


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          Thomas Heute Master

          Accessing a web service is not different in a portlet environment than in a servlet environment.

          Context-root still make sense if you need to specify one, your portlet will be located in a war file and then will be accessible from that context-root.

          I would suggest that you start by writing a simple Servlet accessing a Web service. Then get a simple portlet running, you can get the HelloWorld from portletswap.com, then mixing the two wouldn't be hard. Move your Servlet service code to the render method and build from that.

          Hope this helps.